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Guided tours

Public Guided Tours

A free guided tour is offered every Tuesday at 4.30 pm.

Guided Tours for Groups

Guided tours for school classes (EUR 25) and private groups (EUR 30) can be arranged in advance. Please call 0611 - 335-2194 to find out about available dates. In case the phone is not being answered, please leave a message on the answering machine, including your name, size of group and preferred date. Mr. Altzweig will call you back as soon as possible. Of course, you may also inquire about available dates by fax (0611 - 335 - 2192) or email). Please let us know whether you plan a visit with a group, even though you might not wish to have a guided tour, so that we can plan accordingly.

Please note: The following programs are additional programs which do not include entrance fees to the exhibition.

The museum offers additional classes and projects following a guided tour

  1. Preschool and Kindergarten
    Duration: 45 minutes
    Group size: as in guided tour
    Cost: EUR 25.00 plus EUR 1.50 per student
    • "Head dress" made from leather, feathers etc.
    • "Necklaces" made from nuts, fruits, natural materials etc.
    • "Sand paintings" crafted from sand, colors and glue
  2. Elementary and Middle School
    Duration: 90 minutes
    Group size: as in guided tour
    Cost: EUR 50.00 plus EUR 2.00 per student
    • "Pearls of Nature" - necklaces made of seeds, shells, feathers etc.
    • "Apache card game" crafted from leather and decorated with herbal paints
    • "Medicine pouch" crafted from leather and decorated with herbal paints
    • "Feather bonnet"made of leather, feathers etc.

Programs in the afternoon with guided tour (e.g. birthday parties)
Duration: 3 hours (including guided tour)
Group size: maximum of 12 participants
Cost: EUR 75.00 plus cost for materials (see below)
Not including entrance fee to the exhibition

  • "Indian stories and myths" including the artfully expression of a story (EUR 0.50 per participant)
  • "Drums" made of various materials (EUR 1.50 per participant)
  • "Walk softly" - Crafting of mocassins made of leathers and beads (EUR 2.50 per participant)
  • "Children and Katchinas - the spirits of the Hopi" - crafting of corn husk dolls (EUR 0.50 per participant)
  • "Adobe Houses of the Pueblos" - building of a clay pueblo (EUR 0.50per participant)

Additional classes following a guided tour are offered by the "Künstlerisches Netzwerk"
(close to the "Hauptbahnhof" - train station)

  • construction of a bow including arrows - adults only
  • construction of a bow and arrows for children
  • crafting of a leather quiver
  • building of a wooden totem pole and decoration
  • construction of a tipi for children
  • "Cooking like the Iroqois" - culinary treats featuring the three sisters: squash, corn and beans
If you are interested in one of these classes, please contact the "Netzwerk" directly:
Künstlerisches Netzwerk
Hauptbahnhof / Westseite
Tel. 0611-9883655