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Dear guests,

the Natural History Collections of the the Museum Wiesbaden will thank you for your last visit. More than 63,000 visitors had a close look at the "Ice Age".
From Dezember 15 you can travel to North America and discover the animals and native people. This continent is exceptionally shown in a European exhibition, not least of the lack of Nearctic collections (European explorers in North America had forgotten their homeland).
This temporary exhibition will be presented in collaboration with Dieter Luksch and Heinz Bründl and will treat four typical bioms with their fauna: mountains, forests, prairie and southern deserts. In addition we can show you parts of the extensive Indian collection of Mr. Bründl (from Munich), who has collect numerous artefacts from North America.


December 15 2002 till July 27 2003

Special dates:

Museum Hours:
Tuesday 10 am - 8 pm
Wednesday - Sunday 10 am - 5 pm
Closed on Mondays and on Apr. 22 2003, May 01 2003, Jun. 10 2003

Adults 3,50 EUR
Seniors 3,00 EUR
Children (ages 3 - 16) 2,00 EUR
Children school classes 1,50 EUR
Families (2 adults, 2 children) 7,00 EUR
Guided tour for school classes 25,00 EUR
Guided tour for private groups 30,00 EUR
Example for 30 pupils and one adult, inclusive of a guided tour:
(30 x 1,50 EUR) + 3,50 EUR + 25,00 EUR = 73,50 EUR (2,37 EUR per person)

Our shop offers the catalog of the exhibition on CD-ROM. It inlcudes several images of the exhibition, the posters and all text information.