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 Compiled by
  Fritz Geller-Grimm

Permanent Exhibitions


exotic animals - third floorAnimals from different climatic areas (bioma): the tropics, the warm and cold steppes and also the artic region are presented, demonstrating their adaption faculties.The exhibition shows a richness of exotic animals, which is rarely found in other presentations (from the Madagasy prosimians up to the penguins of the world. [ground-plan: room 10, third floor]

Afrikan savanna

Tropical rainforest of Afrika In 2002 we started with the rebuilding of the exhibition on the tropical rainforests. The first display case is fninished and you can see a group of chimpanzees from Africa, which were mounted in 1908 and restored in 2001 by Mr. Suzuki.
A Sumatran-Rhinoceros will bee presented inside a display case on the Asian rainforests next.



Grey parrots chimpanzees