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 Compiled by
  Fritz Geller-Grimm


missing loans

Who can help with the return?
1. Loan to Dr. J.R.M. Bergenhayn (Quaternary Geology, Lund University)

Mr. Dr. J.R.M. Bergenhayn (Quaternary Geology, Lund University) borrowed 41 types from the palaeontological collection SANDBERGER (Devon) housed in the museum in Wiesbaden (Germany) on the 11 January 1962. After not responding to multiple reminders, Prof. Kent Larsson (Lund) told us in 1994 that Dr. Bergenhayn had died around 1970 and that the loan material might be in the private possession of Dr. Bergenhayn. All further investigations were without success.
We hope that in sharing this information, somebody could rediscover the types in a university-, museum or private collection. The material is irreplaceable and is needed for further scientific investigations. SANDBERGER mounted all specimens he studied on small, grey-brown, wooden panels with labels (right picture). Further down is a list of all the missing pieces.


Typisches Sammlungsbrett der Coll. Sandberger
2 wooden panels with 10 and 19 specimens of Chiton corrugatus DALL [Proboleum] Originalzeichnung Chiton corrugatus aus Sandberger
Wooden panel with 12 specimens of Chiton sagittalis SANDBERGER [Sagittochiton] Originalzeichnung Chiton sagittalis aus Sandberger