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Keys for Determination
You can find the correspondending citations by using the number (which you have to type in the left form).:
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The headline of the offered answer is in German (a handicap of the provider). You can save the result with your browser software (as a *.htm file). Use the "Back" key of your browser software, if you want to submit another query.
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» an author: For "Johann Wilhelm Meigen", either "Meigen" or "Meig" may be used (in the field "Author").
» all citations of one year: For all citations of 1999, type "1999" (in the field "Year")
» all citations, which contain information on a special genus: Type "Leptarthrus" (in the field "Taxa"). Be aware of lacking key words, because some citations aren't analysed.
» a key for determination: Type "Leptarthrus" (in the field "Key word" of the right form). The answer offers a number, which you have to type in the field "Number" on the left form. So you can find the corresponding citation.
Be aware of the size of the database (3400 records), because of the size of the database, a search may require several seconds. In order to have quicker access to the database, use the downloading. This database includes additional information. It's possible that some information is lacking. I will thank you in advance for your comments.

The bibliography includes the following columns: (1) author - (2) year - (3) title - (4) journal - (5) page - (6) city where published - (7) taxonomic key words - (8) geographical key words - (9) number [corresponding number for the database of keys].

The catalog of keys includes the following columns: (1) contents, taxonomical key words - (2) geographical range - (3) number [corresponding number of the citions in the bibliography].

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Compiled by: F. Geller-Grimm