Robber flies of South Korea (Diptera: Asilidae)
C. Young & F. Geller-Grimm

Very little work has been done on South Korean Asilidae and the peninsula offers a wide rage of habitats rich in asilid fauna. South Korea's temperate climate offers conifer and deciduous belts, vast tracks of lower agricultural areas bordering the west coast, higher elevations reaching 1900 meters along the Tebeck Mt. range, white sand stretches on the east coast and many surrounding islands, including Cheju and Ullung which are semi-tropic.
As field and collecting work by C.L Young and taxonomic work by F. Geller-Grimm and Y. Tagawa progresses, a monograph is in preparation of South Korean Asilidae. The first part will deal with the subfamily Asilinae.
The offered photographs are produced by F. Geller-Grimm with a digital camera (Sony-Mavica MVC-FD 91 and a Nikon Coolpix).                

Korean Asilids known to present [7]:
  • Cophinopoda chinensis (FABRICIUS, 1794)
  • Cophinopoda oldroydi TSACAS & ARTIGAS, 1994
  • Cyrtopogon centralis LOEW, 1871
  • Eutolmus brevistylus (COQUILLETT, 1899)
  • Eutolmus koreanus HRADSKÝ & HÜTTINGER, 1985
  • Eutolmus rufibarbis (MEIGEN, 1820) [questionable]
  • Laphria ogumae MATSUMURA, 1911
Collected material by Dr. C. Young [28]: Apocleinae Asilinae Dasypogoninae Dioctriinae Laphriinae Laphystiinae
  • -
Leptogastrinae Ommatiinae Stenopogoninae Stichopogoninae
  • -

First draft of a map of South Korea (incl. places where asilids were found).

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