Lists of Magazines & Correct Abbreviations

If you write papers, you must quote your literature correctly. The following papers are helpful for this work. In addition you find catalogues in all libraries.

Biological Abstracts; Philadelphia.
Entomology Abstracts []
Senckenbergische Bibliothek (1980): Zeitschriftenverzeichnis Biologie. Bestände der Sondersammelgebietsbibliothek: 625 pp.; Frankfurt a.M.
Stone, A. & Sabrosky, C.W. & Wirth, W.W. & Foote, R.H. & Coulson, J.R. (1965): A catalog of the Diptera of American north of Mexico. - Agriculture Handbook No. 276. Agriculture Research Service, United States Department of Agriculture; Washington, D.C. *
British Museum (Natural History) (1980): Serial publications in the British Museum (Natural History) library. Third edition, 3 Bände. - London. *
Zoological Record serial sources. Biosis. - Philadelphia. *

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