Hints for Entomologists
Fritz Geller-Grimm & Martin Hauser & Christian Schmid-Egger & Oliver Niehuis

[partly published in: bembiX 8: 7-12 (1997); Karlsruhe]
Feb 10 2001


Questions from colleagues, like "Where can I find keys for determination and references to collections?" or "Which atlas has geographical coordinates" and so on, can be answered. People must only know the numerous references, catalogues and URL's, which are deposited in libraries and in the internet. They can be very helpful for the daily work. The following text isn't complete, therefore the authors welcome further hints from you. We want to consider new information, perhaps the new catalogue about catalogues will be complete.
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F. Geller-Grimm
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Fritz Geller-Grimm
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We thanks to the following persons:

Dr. M. Geisthardt (Wiesbaden)
K. Gottschalk (Frankfurt)
Dr. R. Gaedike (Eberswalde)
Dr. H.- P. Tschorsnig (Stuttgart)
Dr. H. Ulrich (Bonn)