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For those who have not yet sent in a synopsis of their interests for the Addresses of European Dipterists, the following form is provided. Should any of you like to expand or modify your entries from the last list, use the form to indicate the changes. The information can be also emailed, or the form completed and sent to the following address: F. Geller-Grimm, Spielmannstr. 20, 65934 Frankfurt a.M., Germany, Email

Name:       Peter D. Porsen
Address:       Bernerstr. 5, 8057 Zürich
Country:       Schweiz (Switzerland)
Telephon:       0041-(0)1-3333, FAX 3334
e-mail address:
Family (Region):       Culicidae (Palaearctic)
Special Interest:       biology, courtship, mating
Notes:       update of my address

Compiled by: F. Geller-Grimm
Last Saved: Feb. 13 2004