3D Robberfly
by Felix Grimm (2005)


Within the framework of a project to create a thee dimentional model of a fly this robber fly was developed. The species Dasypogon diadema (Diptera: Asilidae) served as the basis for the model. It is a Dasypogoninae which is characterized by an apical spur at the fore tibia. The species is widespread in Central and Western Europe. These animals almost only use Aculeata as their prey.
Some specimen were photographed digitally and examined under a microscope. Afterwards the results were applied graphically to a 3d program. In particular certain value was attached to correct proportion and the depiction of all important structures. The depiction of fine hair was relinquish as well as on characteristic smaler than 2/10 millimeter.
The open-source programm Blender served as 3d software, not only because of financial reason but because of wide spread. The program can export data to .obj format, which is supported by most other 3d programs (file size is 19 mb). A specie appropriat surface was relinquish as this is a model. The data will be made available for fee depending on the project it will be for. If you are interested please send an e-mail to Felix Grimm.
Some dipterists hope that movie productions by Pixar and similar companys will attach more value to the depiction of flys.

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Dasypogon diadema



Copyright: Felix Grimm