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This database includes information on living European dipterists (1043) that were compiled from the membership directories of professional dipterist associations and directories of university or museum staff and affilliates.

I thank Dr. P.L.Th. Beuk (The Netherlands), Dr. R. Contreras-Lichtenberg (Austria), Dr. Y.R. Delettre (France), K. Holston (USA), Dr. R. Meier (Denmark), Dr. Bernhard Merz (Switzland), Dr. R. Mráz (Slovakia), Dr. L. Munari (Italy), Dr. E.P. Nartshuk (Russia), Dr. Thomas Pape (Denmark), Dr. A. Pont (UK), Dr. Rozkosný (Czech Republic), Dr. P. Tschorsnig (Germany), Dr. H. Ulrich (Bonn), Dr. A. Vujic (Yugoslavia), and J. Weipert (Germany) for valuable critical comments.

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